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Dress Three: Done


I gave up on this Sunday night, but on Monday evening, I was feeling stubborn.  The construction is....interesting, but it looks pretty, so I guess the important part. :)

I probably won't post again until after Costume Con, but then I will have lots of pictures!

95% Done


There are still some odds and ends to be wrapped up, and a hat to make, but It's essentially done. :) 

And Now For Something Totally Different

PSA  - For those who don't know, lindseyerin37 is also me.  So if you see a reply to your comment with that name, just remember that is me.  I sometimes forget who I am signed in as...

Terrible pictures, but...


Lots left to do, but I am sure I can get it done for CostumeCon.  I am just wearing my padded petticoat under it, but I think I might try my farthingale too...


If you have a Hobby Lobby in your area, all floral stems are 50% off right now AND that includes some gorgeous ostrich plumes they have in that section.  I got four tall, full white ones for $4! 

18th century wig

First of all, thank you guys so much for all the compliments on the polonaise!  It should be finished very soon!

Secondly, here's what I did tonight...


Once I dye my hair back to it's real color the front pieces I have pulled up in the front will match the wig.  And there are bits of my hair poking out the back...  Oh and I look sick because I was experimented with white face powder.  But yeah.  That's my 18th century hair wig.  Just want to be clear that it's so not my real hair!. :) 

ten days later...

It's a dress!

Everything on the bodice (except the interior seams of the lining) is hand sewn.  There is a side seam and a side back seam, but they are hard to see because of the lighting and the way I matched the stripes.  I realized having the stripes meet in the chevrons on the back may not really be historically accurate, but I can't alter it without re-doing the entire back and that is sooo not happening.  And it's pretty. :)  So it will stand.  More about the construction methods, etc. when I have time...

Tomorrow is the petticoat, Thursday trimming, and Friday wrapping things up.  It needs to be very close to done by then.  I think I can do it!

Stripey Polonaise Update

It a bit of a trial to get this right...but there's my fitted mock up!


And the bodice as it stands right now!  (I haven't folded under the seam allowance yet, so it looks a little funny.)

I promise I will have a more detailed update in the future!  No time now!  Must get back to sewing!


I bought some striped silk taffeta thinking I was going to make a francaise with the sides pulled up like a polonaise (like in the Kyoto fashion book on page 76).  Then I thought maybe I should do a regular polonaise.  Then I couldn't decide.  So pinned the fabric onto my dress form to get a better idea of what each would like:


I definitely like the regular polonaise version better!  Decision made!  Now I have to make a bumrolll...

that update I promised!

Okay, I am having some serious trouble with lj cut, and I was getting really irritated, and then I remembered, um, I have a website.  Duh!  So I've FINALLY updated.  Go here to see some more of the orange francaise!

As a bonus, here are trims I'm going to use (click make big!):

The far left will be gathered and sew in some pretty pattern down the front of the robe opening.  The lace in the middle will go on the stomacher and the lace on the far left will go on the end of the sleeves.  The green trim with definitely go on the stomacher and maybe down the front if I have enough.  

BTW...here is the seller on eBay I got all the lace from.  Huge selection and really fast shipping!